Document planning and scheduling

In times of ever more complex projects but simultaneously tighter deadlines, planning, deadline monitoring, and progress monitoring are central, important, and essential tools. Only this way, the adherence to deadlines can be influenced.

Numerous manufacturing companies are obliged to provide their customers regularly and above all punctually with relevant and comprehensive documentation. Often it is about documents that are needed for planning and development, installation, operation, and maintenance of a machine or plant.

Scopes of delivery and services

The scopes and the resulting amount of documents are identified and determined as scopes of delivery and services with the customer during the phase of initial project planning. The scopes of delivery and services often contain also the exact deadline for the provision of these documents. With the agreement on LLUs, the supplier is obliged to comply with them. This is a contractual stipulation that causes a breach of contract in case of non-compliance. Such breaches of contract are often associated with penalty payments (contractual penalty).

Document planning and progress tracking for the necessary security

Planning, progress tracking, and deadline monitoring provide the necessary security for suppliers to avoid or at least minimize the often quite high penalty payments. This is where BDF’s SAP Product and Process Governance by BDF | SAP PPG comes into play with document planning and progress tracking. SAP PPG allows using document planning at a very early stage of the project. At this point, there are no physical documents yet. With the usage of virtual documents, however, they are already available in early project phases.

The virtual documents are, as stated before, carriers of scheduling data, among other things. The scheduling data usually consists of several schedule events that add up to so-called schedule chains. For deadline monitoring and progress tracking, planned and actual dates are available at each event. Planned dates are used for defining single milestone deadlines of a document or entire document groups. As the events are interconnected, they result in entire schedule chains, which automatically calculate the planned dates of all events by adding some additional time. With the automatically calculated planned dates, all document milestones can be defined beforehand. With the calculated schedule, it is therefore possible to ensure adherence to the schedule or, in the worst case scenario, detect a risk of missing deadlines at an early stage.

With reportings, an overview of the schedule statuses can be generated quickly across all documents. Therefore, a traffic light system is in use that signals with concise color coding which documents are at risk of missing deadlines.

In order to keep an overview of the schedule and to prevent unnecessary costs, scheduling and progress tracking for documents that are to be delivered are essential. Especially for complex project constellations with a plant engineer who requests documents from suppliers, internally checks the documents, and then forwards them to their customers, the scheduling and progress tracking offer the necessary security for monitoring and meeting deadlines.
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